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Kassel, once the seat of earls and electors, resides on the shore of the river Fulda and is very interesting for its visitors as well as for its 200,000 inhabitants.

The city is the host of some of the best known museums, galleries and theatres, some of them more than a hundred years old, and also has a long tradition in regards to the arts. Thus, for example, a Hessian land mark was already begun here in the 18th century with the art collection "Alte Meister" (old masters) . In Kassel you'll find Germany's first museum building (today's Natural History Museum) as well as Europe's first museum (Kunsthalle Fridericianum). Last but not least, the international exhibition "documenta" takes place every five years and contributes to the worldwide popularity of Kassel.

Besides the art, the nature scene is also quite good in Kassel, too. More than 60 percent of Kassel is forests, parks and gardens and some parks have even existed since the 18th century. At this same time the reigning count, Karl, built Orangery-Palace and Karlsaue. Also the breathtaking Bergpark Wilhelmhöhe was initiated by Count Karl.

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Kassel sightseeing

Castle Wilhelmshöhe
Castle Wilhelmshöhe was built at the end of the 18th century under landgrave Wilhelm IX according to the English models, Castle Wanstead and Prior Park, and is in the lower part of Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe on 285 m height. Today it accommodates an antique collection and the gallery "Alte Meister" (old masters) and is known internationally.
Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe was crowned in 1717 by a 71-m-high monument which is topped by the statue of Hercules, watching all over Kassel.
Karlsaue and Fuldaaue
Both neighbouring parks count amongst the biggest internal-urban parks of Germany and are an ideal place to relax and rest because of their vast extent.
Culinary specialities that Kassel is known for are the "Weckerwerk" (which is made of meat by-products), the traditional "Speckkuchen" (bacon cake) as well as the "Ahle Wurscht". Also the "Griene Soße" (green sauce) is a meal both people in Kassel and Hesse like to eat. A widespread belief is that the smoked pork chop ("Kasseler") is a culinary specialty from Kassel, unfortunately, this is not true; the "Kasseler" was invented by a Berlin butcher called Cassel.

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